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Bah, Flu Bug! My Yuletide Room 101

Having recovered from this Christmas Present’s bout of almost-killer-flu, here’s a very bad-tempered post listing what I could quite do without for Christmas Future.  It’s my ten-point Christmas Room 101 to be borne in mind for 2012 and beyond: Flu in the run-up to, or … Continue reading

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Not Much to Say

It’s very unusual, it’s remote, it’s udheard of, for be to have dothigg to say.  But today, that is the case.  With a heavy code, with a dose that is bleatigg, I have takerd by Day Durse and I am … Continue reading

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Nail Your Novel by Roz Morris – The Creative Midwife

This book is neither good nor bad; it’s invaluable! Roz Morris is the Creative Midwife. For me, this baby was in there, becoming more and more overdue. Fourteen years overdue. The thoughts were creating a dense cloud in my head that … Continue reading

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Anonymity With A Soul

Tangenting to Profile Picture

Sometimes I will talk about drag-racing on this blog – but I remain a mere commentator at the edge of the track while Paul and son, Anthony, will be providing the searing streak of growling sound along it. For around 10.6 seconds.

I’ve made this my profile picture because, for the moment, I’ll be remaining anonymous on this blog. The plot thickens.

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Test Blog From A Newbie: Writing At A Tangent

As many thousands of other NaNoWriMoists begin their first WordPress blogs, I feel distinctly unoriginal in beginning mine. Writing 71,529 words of a very rough, first draft in twenty-three November days that went by in a silver blur of keyboard blindness and … Continue reading

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