Anonymity With A Soul

Tangenting to Profile Picture

Anonymity With A Soul

Sometimes I will talk about drag-racing and things related on this blog.  However, I remain a mere commentator at the edge of the track while Paul and son, Anthony, will be providing the searing growl of sound along it. For around 10.6 seconds. 

This is a Buick GS muscle car with the loudest of 455 Buick engines.  The door-slammer is affectionately known as the Flying Fridge or Flying Iceberg.   The car and its driver have been an inspiration to me, especially with the book I am currently writing. 

It is believed that it’s probably still the fastest, meanest Buick in Europe.  When I tried racing it, it was without a doubt the slowest.

I’m proud, though, to have it as my profile picture.  As though I were driving, tachometer on the dash, helmet on, surrounded by the burnout smoke I created, I am unrecognisable.  That picture affords me anonymity with a soul.


About Tessa Tangent

I write and I often go off at tangents. Tessa Tangent's my nickname and, at home, I'm called Tessa more than I am my real name, Heather. In the 90s, I had short stories published in magazines like Ludus and For Women. I also won a cherished second prize in a BBC travel writing competition, was the writer of a newsletter for a dry ski slope and had a newspaper article about the slope published. At the same time, I wrote half a first draft of a novel then, for reasons I may reveal, I stopped writing. After a long fallow period, I am writing again - and not a moment too soon...
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One Response to Anonymity With A Soul

  1. geraldhornsby says:

    This is a nice post. it reminds me of my youth, days spent at Santa Pod (just as a spectator), and also Stratford (on Avon), watching drag racing. Top Fuel dragsters shaking the ground several hundred feet away. The crack of individual cylinders firing, sharp bursts of flame emitting from exhaust stacks. Ah, the memories …

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