My SAD Lamp And I – The Start of a Happy Relationship?

My scruffy desk and The Sad Lamp of Loveliness

Here it is, then. The SAD Lamp. On the desk here, you can see trusty laptop with current novel WIP (left, split into scenes) and, to the right, my beat-sheets for the WIP and, just above those, the wonderful SAD Lamp of Loveliness.

It isn’t huge, doesn’t take up a massive amount of space, is in fact sitting atop a copy of Joanne Harris’s Jigs & Reels and has only been switched on for the first time today. Having read a zillion or so reviews on Amazon about this small yet mighty giver of power and happiness, this apparent miracle cure for the blues, and being one to have suffered from depression – worse in winter – for more years than I care to further stress about, I was interested to see if this little guy would work for me.

Despite its purple edging, this feels like a male machine. When the lights within it switch on, you are blinded to any defects it may have. See what I mean? You have to keep it at arm’s length and then let it sit there doing its thing for anything between 20 – 45 minutes before any effects may be felt.

I can’t exactly say I felt zapped to bits with untold joy by the end of the 45 minutes I gave it but this is Day One and many of the reviews said you had to try it for 3 days + and then you were practically a superpower. All in your own home. I look forward to seeing if this is actually true and I’ll keep you posted. Maybe we could all benefit from this.

Check out my new little ray of sunshine for yourself. If you have one, or rush off to buy one, please do swap notes with me. I’d love to know your thoughts about this one. What do you think? Could you live happily without it? Let’s face it, Lithium, antidepressants, EPA fish oil, sunshine, therapy … I’ve tried everything else.


About Tessa Tangent

I write and I often go off at tangents. Tessa Tangent's my nickname and, at home, I'm called Tessa more than I am my real name, Heather. In the 90s, I had short stories published in magazines like Ludus and For Women. I also won a cherished second prize in a BBC travel writing competition, was the writer of a newsletter for a dry ski slope and had a newspaper article about the slope published. At the same time, I wrote half a first draft of a novel then, for reasons I may reveal, I stopped writing. After a long fallow period, I am writing again - and not a moment too soon...
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2 Responses to My SAD Lamp And I – The Start of a Happy Relationship?

  1. Tessa, have one (a different model) and the jury is still out. It doesn’t relieve my still-constant craving for sunshine… I think it helps maybe a teensy little bit. I’m thinking that moving to the Caribbean would help a lot more. 🙂

    • Hey Laura, thanks for your comment and sorry I’m so late in replying. I’ve been going through a creative phase 😉 Yes, the lamp: every teensy little bit helps me. I am sure it makes a bit of difference and that is better than nothing. If it’s any use before you book that flight to the Caribbean, I lived in Singapore, right on the Equator, for three years and had one of my worst/longest depressive episodes ever! Odd, isn’t it? But that may have to do with my not going out into the sunlight at the time and shutting myself away! Hmmm. I have a new lamp now and will stick with it, especially while I work indoors so much and despite a dog-walk a day. The British weather is not reliable enough to bank on 6 sunny months between April and October 🙂

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