For Paul

For Paul

It was the nineteen-seventies

When I first noticed you

You wore size nine Doc Marten’s

And I’d just bought size two

You noticed me, I noticed you

There could have been much more

But there wasn’t much that we could say

When we met in the corridor

Out of the class I’d been sent

For chatting far too much

I’d see you coming by me

I’d blush deep pink. Well –  a touch

We shuffled about to reggae

The school was changing to Comp

We both had Tighten Up Volume 2

And owned Skinhead Moonstomp

Yes, we were both at the same school

Meeting sometimes during break

We never knew in those days

The journeys we would take

Your road was cars and drag racing

You married your wonderful Jan

While I careered through London

And married my boss, a law-man

The next decades flew by quickly

Kids, we both had two

We met again next century

School friends, at Puerto Banus

It was really at Marbella

– but that word didn’t rhyme –

So, it was on a school reunion

Where your DMs re-met mine

You were, very sadly, widowed

And I was mostly vexed

My marriage hadn’t worked out

Old-maidhood, then, was next

I’d spent ten years alone with my kids

Sworn off all men for life

I knew he would have to be special

If, in future, I could be a wife

 Three weeks from the old school reunion

I made a telephone call

You’d also been thinking of me

We met up, talked… then love did it all

I’d never known men like you

You put all your loved ones first

Strong and quiet – funny, too

My heart threatened to burst

Nine years later, we’re still doing fine

We married in two-oh-oh-eight

All our kids are older, and doing so well

We’re empty-nesters… but love remains great

I’m the hardest person to live with

Over-sensitive, and bonkers, too

I’m so very glad you, regardless, love me

And I will always love you

I love you, I love you, And you still wear Doc Marten

Jeans, tee-shirts and Converse – may we never be parting…


[I wrote this rhyme because the shops don’t have

A card about you, Paul

They’ve all the emotion of a Sat Nav

So this rhyme says it all…

Well, mostly ;-)]


About Tessa Tangent

I write and I often go off at tangents. Tessa Tangent's my nickname and, at home, I'm called Tessa more than I am my real name, Heather. In the 90s, I had short stories published in magazines like Ludus and For Women. I also won a cherished second prize in a BBC travel writing competition, was the writer of a newsletter for a dry ski slope and had a newspaper article about the slope published. At the same time, I wrote half a first draft of a novel then, for reasons I may reveal, I stopped writing. After a long fallow period, I am writing again - and not a moment too soon...
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6 Responses to For Paul

  1. I am going to comment on my own post here. Because in Word, I had this poem in single line spacing and in stanzas. On *here* I am getting nowhere with trying to be in single line spacing and may well revert to my old Theme in order to do so. How annoying! Still… love for Paul 🙂

  2. debutnovelist says:

    Spacing or not, it’s the thought that counts! Great ode – I see a novel in there somewhere.
    Happy Valentine’s

  3. paul says:

    I love you lots although we have no little snots my life is great my punctuation isnt cool but being married to you is quiet a ball!!!! love you lots xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx paul

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