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Fifty Tangents

I find this whole Fifty Shades of Grey thing very funny. It apparently began life as a Twilight fanfic piece. I’m not a particularly jealous author. Well, no more than any other. (I’m writing something quite different and, I hope, … Continue reading

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The Big Question: What If I Could Only Ever Write One Book?

I am now happily mid-WIP, first draft. This novel’s been through the foundation and scaffolding stage of creating an outline. Characters have been sketched and expanded upon, settings painted, much research done and, at last, I’m getting to grips with … Continue reading

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Mum, As In Mum – What Do You Call Your Mother?

Mummy was back. Mummy, bless her, was literally at the helm. Of a royal barge. Remembering to wave to all 58,789,194 of us, at the time of writing, even mid-conversation. Doing her duty as ever, even over a weekend that … Continue reading

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