Felt Like Writing A Post…

… and then I changed my mind. Happy Christmas to everyone and all my lovely followers, anyway… I hope you are surrounded by love this Christmas. We’re going to do pass-the-parcel… and try not to cry at the empty space in the room. It’s been a hard year and will be a tough Christmas for many. Thinking of you.

Paul & Me on Honeymoon

Paul & Me on Honeymoon

Love to you all

TT xxx


About Tessa Tangent

I write and I often go off at tangents. Tessa Tangent's my nickname and, at home, I'm called Tessa more than I am my real name, Heather. In the 90s, I had short stories published in magazines like Ludus and For Women. I also won a cherished second prize in a BBC travel writing competition, was the writer of a newsletter for a dry ski slope and had a newspaper article about the slope published. At the same time, I wrote half a first draft of a novel then, for reasons I may reveal, I stopped writing. After a long fallow period, I am writing again - and not a moment too soon...
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11 Responses to Felt Like Writing A Post…

  1. Tarin Teague says:

    Hey sweetie, I am sending lots of love and hugs to you with the hope you find some reason for even a small smile this season, best wishes, rin. Xox

    • Hey thanks, Rin. Just a weird old time. Lovely to see your message. Hope you have a good season, too. Love, T xxx

      • No problem sweetie and don’t worry about the festive blog thing, I got that one covered for ya on my blog :-P. It be nice to see you get back in the saddle though, so don’t wait too long, you are a great writer. I know things are difficult and I get that you’ll get there when you are good and ready, I am just saying, a suggestion is all, so please don’t be offended. I am thinking of you and sending lots of hugs your way.

        love Rin


  2. julieanneda says:

    Heart warming and heart breaking xx
    Much love to you xx

  3. Ellen says:

    I wish you a good and peaceful christmas. My thoughts goes to you with a hard new reality, especially now in christmas.

  4. Ah, thinking of you, Tessa. Tough time of year for you, no doubt. Giving you all a big warm hug from sunny Oz xo

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